Skin Tantric Shop Privacy Policy

Skin Tantric Shop is committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout the process of browsing and purchasing through the website. The information collected is completely confidential and we are responsible for everything provided to us.


Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy, so that you are aware of what information we collect during your access to Skin Tantric Shop Portal, and how we treat such information.



1. Data Collection and Protection

1.1 Data collection is any information entered by the user on Skin Tantric Shop, including registration data, that is, any data presented by users when filling out forms. They include, but are not limited to, full name, e-mail address, telephone number, product delivery address, billing information, etc.


1.2 The registration data of customers are not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except when this information is necessary for the delivery process, for collection, or for participation in promotions requested by customers. Your personal data is essential for your order to arrive safely at your home, according to our delivery time.


2. Cookies


2.1 Skin Tantric Shop uses cookies and information from its navigation, with the objective of drawing a profile of the public that visits the website and always improving our services, products, content and guaranteeing the best offers and promotions for you. Throughout this process we keep your information in absolute confidentiality. Remember that your data is registered by Skin Tantric Shop in an automated way, eliminating human manipulation and a Cookie is assigned individually to each computer, it cannot be used to run programs, nor can it infect computers with malicious codes of any kind, such as viruses, Trojans etc ... And can only be read by the server that sent it.


2.2 Cookies do not store any personal information, they only contain access information. In any case, you are free to delete the Cookie from your computer at any time or configure your Internet browser to reject or delete them automatically. We emphasise, however, that the latter hypothesis may limit some features of the Portal.

3. Security procedures


3.1 In order for Privacy to be kept 100%, we advise the Customer to NEVER provide confidential data, such as login and password, document numbers and even full name to third parties..


3.2 Skin Tantric Shop never sends e-mails requesting confirmation of data or registrations, nor e-mails with executable attachments (extension .exe, .com, .scr, .bat, .zip, .rar, .clp) or containing download links.

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